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Common Treatments

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Weight Loss

Acupuncture and herbal medicine together can multiply the results of your diet and exercise efforts, because they address the actual root causes of weight gain.

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The Ginkgo Leaf Difference

Three key factors set this clinic apart from others

Advanced Diagnosis

If the diagnosis is spot on, then the results can be amazing. Advanced pulse diagnosis helps to paint a clear picture when combined with other diagnostic methods. This clinic uses five different systems of pulse diagnosis together.

Classical Medicine

The best practitioners don’t neglect the 2,000 year old classical texts, which are the foundation of this medicine. They gain deep insight by continually studying them, in addition to learning modern and evidence-based methods.

Integrity of Care

There are medical clinics, both Western and Eastern, which treat people like clients to profit from, rather than as patients seeking help with troubling medical issues. At Ginkgo Leaf, the patient’s health is above all else.


Sandy R
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I have wanted to try acupuncture for quite some time because I have heard good things about it. I am so glad that I took the plunge when Ginkgo Leaf opened. I am 74 years old and have suffered from back pain for years, and more recently, arthritis in my knee has really set me back. I got relief after my first treatment and after a couple more sessions with Scott my level of pain has deceased significantly. I am able to walk further than I have been able to for a long time. Scott does not pressure you to do more than you can afford. He wants you to be well and tries to keep it within your budget. I highly recommend seeing if you can resolve some of your issues by scheduling an appointment.
Sharon B
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Through out the summer and fall I regularly went to see Scott Schauland. I found him to be extremely attentive and holistically interested in my issues. With acupuncture and a few Chinese herbal formulas I have felt a steady improvement in my overall health. My energy levels are constant, I have much less general inflammation, and the autoimmune symptoms are improving. I plan to continue this alternative treatment in conjunction with my 'Western Medicine' doctors' advice. It is a win‐win for everyone!
Lisa D
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I have gone to Ginkgo Leaf because of shoulder pain. Scott was very professional, and explained in detail what course of action would best take care of my pain in both of my shoulders. I have received acupuncture before at a different facility for jaw pain a few years back. I was pleasantly surprised how much more professional and detailed Scott was before giving me treatments and during. He was very kind and always had my best interest. I will use Scott in the future if needed. As of now, my shoulder pain has reduced so much I just don't feel I need treatment right now. Yay!
Rebecca P
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Scott's talent for healing combined with knowledge and compassion offers clients relief from their ills. He is an excellent and dedicated acupuncturist.
Emily L
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Definitely worth trying! Scott's great, I love the explanations of what is going on with the placements and the back story.
Jill N
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Scott is so knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. He has been the only person In 10 years that has helped to start healing my digestion. I have been to nutritionist and doctors and have never had as much success I’m having as the 6 weeks I have been seeing Scott. He is working on another prominent issue I have and am feeling hopeful with the protocol he has put in place. Every session he tweeks his acupuncture to what I am needing for the week. He is also an herbalist and is highly knowledgeable in a regimen that will help. Give him a try you won’t be disappointed!

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